Thursday, January 30, 2014

Destin 2013

We went on our last Summer vacation ever as just the 3 of us in August. It was wonderful and the weather was beautiful! Bryce absolutely loved the water and sand as he did last year so he had a blast! He played goofy golf for the first time ever and jumped in the pool by himself several times. We stayed the entire week so he got very good at it as the week went on. Enjoy the pics!


Summer 2013

I am going to do an abbreviated version of several events that took place during our Summer since I'm so behind. We had several things happen seemingly all at the same time. I would not recommend it. I felt as though I was going crazy, not to mention the early pregnancy hormones working their magic. In June, we moved to a new home in Creekwood after a few months stay in a delightful (kidding!) rental home, I found out I was pregnant after a miscarriage in April, and I also decided to start staying home with Bryce. Yep, if you asked an expert if this was a smart idea to make all of those decisions at the same time, the answer would be a big fat "NO"! Atleast it serves as somewhat of an excuse why I'm so behind on my blogging. We did manage to have a fun day at the zoo in Nashville in late June during which Bryce got very sick with tonsillitis:( We also had a wonderful trip to Destin, FL in August, just the 3 of us that pretty much wrapped up our crazy summer. I was very sick the first trimester of my pregnancy so I tried to stay out of the heat as much as possible in between fun playdates with friends and family gatherings. Enjoy the pics!!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Steamboat Springs 2013

Okay, I vow to do better. I am going back to February to catch up on my blog posts. Bare with me!

We headed out to Steamboat with the Mann's back in February. It was an amazing winter vacation. We stayed at the Dulany at the bottom of the mountain. It was a 3 bedroom cozy condominium complete with a fireplace for warming up after a day on the slopes. All of the kids went with us so there of course was not one dull moment. We spent 4 days skiing the snow packed mountains. I am pretty much an amateur skier so I stayed on the green and blue slopes. I am a "pizza" all the way down kind of girl but by the last day, I must say I had improved a lot even though I was scared to death at moments. Such a rush of excitement and absolutely breathtaking scenery too. It snowed pretty much every day. William and Edward went to ski school each day and they were pros by the end of the trip. Ava and Bryce of course weren't old enough to ski so they entertained everyone in day care each day while the rest of us hit the slopes. Jon is already dying to go back. He absolutely loves it and says he would move to Steamboat. Ha! I loved skiing with Emily. When we went to visit them in Albuquerque a few years ago, she was pregnant with Ava and couldn't ski when we went to Santa Fe. A fun time was had by all!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yo Ho...Bryce is 2!!

We had the best time celebrating Bryce's 2nd birthday party last weekend. We had it at the Children's Museum of the Shoals and he had an absolute blast with his little friends. His favorite was the slide, the music room, and of course the train table. I decided to do a pirate theme because Bryce really enjoys watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney Junior. One highlight of the party was when Bryce was ready to open gifts and we were about to do the cake. He threw himself on the floor. It was absolutely hysterical. I have attached a picture of it:) It is hard to believe our man is 2 but he is the cutest 2 year old ever! He has the best little personality and is so loving. He loves to give kisses and hugs. It is honestly hard to believe that 2 years ago we were preparing for Bryce's open heart surgery and today, we are just enjoying seeing him grow into such a precious young man! We are so incredibly thankful and thank God each night during prayer time for what he has done for Bryce and the blessings he has given our little family! Thanks for reading and enjoy the pics:)

Picture from his Early Arts party:)


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Look but Don't Touch Santa

We had the best Christmas this year! Bryce loved everything about it...the lights, the snowmen, reindeer, christmas trees, and even Santa but when it came to sitting in his lap, he gave Santa a big "No Thanks!"

Santa came to see Bryce and all of his sweet friends at our house the Wednesday before Christmas. The picture above speaks for itself:)

We always have Christmas Eve at our house with my entire family, Christmas morning we open gifts just a little family, Christmas breakfast at Jon's grandmothers, and then Christmas night at his parents. Jon's aunt and uncle come in every Christmas and it's great getting to spend time with them and watching them enjoy Bryce. Needless to say, we had a blast and were exhausted after all was said and done. The cutest thing Bryce did this year was help hand out presents to everyone. He loved it and occasionally would stop to tear into one that was his or help mommy and daddy with one of theirs.

Santa brought him everything you could possibly imagine but the big thing was a train table. Santa and Mrs. Claus stayed up until 1am Christmas Eve putting it together but it was worth every minute.

He also got lots of pirate toys...and that is the theme for his 2nd birthday party which is less than a month away!! Here's a sneak peak picture....Can't wait!

Couldn't resist a few more Cmas action shots!